Provably fair

Item information:

- It's only possible to bet CS:GO related items

- Each trade has a maximum of 10 items, with a minimum value of $0.50

- Trades with items which belong to other games, will be declined!

The winner gets chosen, but how does it work?

- $0.01 bet value represents exactly one ticket.

- The number of tickets you have, determine your chances of winning.

- based on this formula (floor((TotalNumberOfTickets - 0.0000000001) * (winnerPercentage / 100)), the winning ticket gets calculated based on the total number of tickets and a random percentage.

The order of the deposit, determines the order of your tickets as well!

So pay attention!

If you're the first one to place $20 into the betting pot, all the tickets, reaching from 0-2000, will be yours!

If a second player choses to take the place right after you and his items for example, have a total value of $40, his tickets will be the ones starting at 2001 and ending at 6000.

This goes on until every ticket available is taken.


If you are lucky, the bots may still accept some late bets at this point of the game!

What is this Round Hash? You may ask.

The "Round Hash", usually pictured like this (PERCENTAGE/SECRET) in JACKPOT games, is an MD5-encryption, including both of these values, which are revealed to you after each round has ended and which are used below, to verify if the hash is matching!

This is very important for yourself, to make sure everything is working how it should!

Insert to verify Round hash.